Card Issuers

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  1. AAC-CI100-MF

    Mifare card issuer, USB 2.0

    SKU: AAC-CI100-MF

    • Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2K/XP/2003/2007, Unix, and Linux
    • Reading Card No. of MIFARE card
    • Card Number reading of CPU card and P-SAM encryption
    • RFID, Mifare-1 card and CPU card (13.56MHz), and P-SAM card reading
    • Meets ISO14443, ISO 7816, and ISO 15693 standards
    • 1 ISO 7816 sized contact-type smart card and 3 SIM card-sized SAM cassettes
  2. EM Card Issuer

    EM Card Issuer

    SKU: AAC-CI100-EF

    • Standard RS-232 interface for power supply and communication
    • Supports 125KHz EM card data reading
    • Configurable card No. reading length and card No. reading start point(implement via client software)
    • Selectable card No. output format (separate two-card No. by line skip or TAB)

2 Item(s)