Electric Bolt Locks

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  1. AAC-EBL100

    Electric Bolt

    • Photoelectric control technique to avoid mechanical failure
    • Ultra-cold design and ultralow-consumption to make the electric bolt safer and more durable
    • 500 thousands times of locking operation
    • Equipped with internal voltage dependent resistor (MOV)
    • Equipped with smart one-chip
    • The main body and bolt of the electric strike is made up of alloy and stainless steel respectively
  2. AAC-EBL100-U1

    Lower U-bracket of Electric Bolt

    Lower U-bracket of Electric Bolt, for Use with AAC-EBL100
  3. AAC-EBL100-U2

    Upper & Lower U-bracket for Electric Bolt

    Upper & Lower U-bracket of Electric Bolt, for Using with AAC-EBL100

3 Item(s)