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  1. platinum-tools-tp150-tone-and-probe-set

    Tone and Probe Set

    Probe Features
    Recessed push-button activates tone scanning when needed
    Tapered tip allows easy penetration of cable bundles
    Side thumb wheel adjusts volume and turns off
    power to reserve battery power
    Probe Sensitivity: 100Hz~300KHz

    Tone Generator Features
    Slide switch to select TONE/OFF/CONT
    Continuity mode to verify if a wire is broken
    Alligator clips to test pairs and an RJ11 connector for data or phone lines
    Tone Generator Output: 1.5KHz square waveform

  2. LANSeeker™ Cable Tester

    LANSeeker™ Cable Tester

    • Displays cable test results on main and remote units in less than 2 seconds
    • Immediately detects shorts by just plugging in one end of a cable to the tester
    • Identifies shorts, opens, miswires, reversed and split pairs
    • No on/off switch, automatically starts test when a connection is sensed between main and remote unit
    • Debug mode diagnoses and displays faults one pair at a time
    • Includes tone generator
    • Self-stored remote
    • Made in the USA
  3. VDV MapMaster 2.0™ Test Kit

    VDV MapMaster 2.0™ Test Kit

    Kit Includes:

    • VDV MapMaster 2.0 with detachable Master Remote
    • RJ45 #1-12 Remote ID Set (ID Mapping only)
    • Coax F #1-8 Remote ID Set (ID Mapping only)
    • RJ45 Port Saver
    • RJ45 to Alligator Clips Cable
    • No-Fault Cable
    • F Female to F Female Adapter
    • BNC Female to F Female Adapter
    • BNC Female to F Male Adapter
    • 9V Battery
    • Instruction Manual
    • Case with Foam Insert
    • For troubleshooting, identifying and mapping multiple data cables use T139 Smart Remotes (sold separately)
    • For measuring lengths to shorts purchase a TDR tester such as the Cable Prowler.

3 Item(s)