While we always suggest to hard wire all cameras intended for security applications, there are times when pulling wire is not a feasible option. These cameras are equipped with WiFi and can be connected to existing wireless networks in your home or business. Note that WiFi cameras are much less reliable, by nature, than hard wired cameras.

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  1. WiFi POE 1080p Alarm Cube Camera

    Roost 1080p 2MP WiFi Audio Camera 4mm

    SKU: CF2MP-4

    • 1080p HD Resolution
    • WiFi Connectable
    • Built-in Microphone & Speaker
    • Motion Detection
    • ~30ft Night Vision
    • SD Card Storage
    • Power Over Ethernet
    • Smart Phone Access
    • Free Support
    • 3 Year Warranty
  2. Pebble HD+ Wide Angle audio mini dome

    Pebble HD+ 4MP Fixed Lens Dome Camera with Audio and Wifi

    SKU: MD4MP-2-W

    • 4MP HD Resolution
    • Weatherproof
    • Built-in Microphone & Wifi
    • Motion Detection
    • Easy to Install
    • Smart Phone Access
    • Free Support
    • 3 Year Warranty
  3. Doorbell IP Camera - Wifi

    2MP Wifi Doorbell IP Camera With IR (Discontinued)

    Ships In 3-5 Business Days.


    • 2MP / 1080p Resolution
    • 2 Way Audio Through Guarding Expert App
    • IR Distance 15ft
    • Connects to your network via Wifi
    • Easy setup - powered by existing doorbell wiring
    • Includes 4 different color face plates

3 Item(s)