Default Passwords

Default Passwords


For all NVRs the default admin credentials are set to:
Username: admin
Password: admin12345

If a unit is not activated it will require an admin password to be set on setup. Set the admin password to 'admin12345' until all cameras are installed and successfully connected on the NVR. Then the admin password can be changed. We recommend selecting the option to push the NVR's admin password to the connected IP Cameras

IP Cameras

For IP Cameras that are already activated the default admin credentials are set to:
Username: admin
Password: admin12345

If you cameras are inactive, they with adopt the password of the NVR upon first connection.

If newly installed cameras fail to connect and/or display a 'user password' error. Either change the NVR's admin password to 'admin12345' or factory default the camera.

IP Camera Factory Default Process

To perform a manual factory default process (when the password is lost or unknown) you must be at the camera and have access to the wiring harness OR if working with a 2nd person, you can have them unplug the camera at the NVR while you perform the reset procedure at the camera.

  • STEP 1: Locate the reset button. It may be on the back, under the dome cover of the camera, or under a small access panel on the bottom or back of the camera.
  • STEP 2: Depress the reset button (The reset button must remain depressed until the end of the process).
  • STEP 3: Unplug the Ethernet cable from the camera (or at the NVR if working with a 2nd person) and wait 5-10 seconds. If external DC power is being used (i.e. No POE) unplug that. The goal is to power the camera off.
  • STEP 4: Plug the camera back in (restoring power)
  • STEP 5: Continue depressing the reset button for another 15-20 seconds while the camera boots up.
  • STEP 6: Release the reset button and the camera should complete it boot up process and come online as an inactive camera. If plugged into an NVR port that is set to 'Plug-n-Play' the camera should connect as online and be visible in the live view screen
  • If the camera boots up, but does not come online as inactive or does not connect to a Plug-n-Play port, repeat the Factory Default procedure

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