Here at Arcdyn, we're dedicated to providing the best customer experience ever! If you find a cheaper price for one of our products, we'll match it. Just send us a copy of the ad or a link to the site, if it's the same product or comparable, we'll give you the same price along with our award winning support and service, 3 Year Warranty, and Free shipping!

Ask us about price matching!

**Exclusions or Limitations may apply

  • Sameness or comparability of product is determined by Arcdyn, Inc.
  • Requires customer to provide a link that clearly displays the price we are matching.
  • Must be a publicly advertised price and cannot be hidden behind a login or add to cart requirement
  • Does not apply to clearance or closeout sales
  • Price match is calculated to include the cost of shipping charged by the other merchant
  • Arcdyn Price Match is only available to US customers
  • Arcdyn will only match prices of companies from the US and selling US Market Product (i.e. Grey market Chinese equipment will not be matched)