Complete IP Camera System Bundles

Arcdyn surveillance systems come in a variety of configurations and resolutions. From a small 2 camera system perfect for your home up to an enterprise level 256 surveillance system. We have assembled these pre-built systems to serve as a starting point to work off of. If you need to customize any of these systems to better suit your security needs, we can do a free remote security assessment to determine the best solution for you and build a totally custom quote.

Why IP Cameras and not Coax?

1. Higher Resolutions = Better Image Quality:

Most other types of surveillance systems (analog, AHD, CVI) top out at 2-3 Megapixels. Our IP Cameras range in resolution from 1080p (2MP), HD+ (4MP) to 4k (8MP) and even 4K+ (12MP) resolutions! This means that you'll have footage that is usable when the time comes.

2. Advanced Smart Features:

Smart Features and Video Analytics may be the best reason to go with an IP Surveillance System. From standard smart features like Motion Detection and Line Cross Detection to our advanced smart features like Motion Heat Mapping, Face Detection, People Counting, or License Plate Recognition, Arcdyn IP Cameras have the most advanced features on the market.

3. Simple Setup

Arcdyn Surveillance systems are the simplest to setup and use... period! Simply connect each camera in your Arcdyn System to the POE ports on the back of the NVR via a Cat5e cable. This single ethernet cable will both power and connect the camera to your Network Video Recorder. Our systems also come with smart recording features, such as motion recording, line crossing, and email alerts.

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  1. Office Arcdyn Cloud Security Kit

    Office Security - Arcdyn Cloud Camera Kit

    This kit is the perfect solution for a small office environment that requires a cloud recording solution. This kit includes one Arcdyn Cloud Box and two outdoor Pebble Wifi cameras.

    The Arcdyn Pebble Camera is a 4 Megapixel mini dome camera with IR lights that provide 30 feet of vision in complete darkness.

    An onboard MicroSD slot provides the ability for onboard redundant recording of footage.

    The built in microphone provides audio recording (check local laws) and alarm inputs make event integration with existing systems easy.

    Advanced Analytics like line crossing and intrusion detection make this small camera a powerful tool in securing any area.

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  2. Small Business Security - Arcdyn Cloud Camera Kit

    Small Business Security - Arcdyn Cloud Camera Kit

    This kit is the perfect solution for the small business owner that wants to secure his office or shop environment. This kit includes one Arcdyn Cloud Box and three outdoor Pebble Wifi cameras.

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