Alaska 3 AAC 306 Compliance - Cannabis Security

Key Requirements

  • 40 days retained footage
  • Obtain a "clear view adequate to identify any individual inside the licensed premises, or within 20 feet of each entrance to the licensed premises."


Here is the full text pertaining to surveillance camera systems as written in 3 AAC 306.725

3 AAC 306.725. Video surveillance.

(a) A marijuana establishment shall install and maintain a video surveillance and camera recording system as provided in this section. The video system must cover

(1) each restricted access area and each entrance to a restricted access area within the licensed premises;

(2) each entrance to the exterior of the licensed premises;

(3) each point-of-sale (POS) area.


(b) At any marijuana establishment, any video camera must be placed in a way that produces a clear view adequate to identify any individual inside the licensed premises, or within 20 feet of each entrance to the licensed premises. Both the interior and the exterior of each entrance to the facility must be recorded by a video camera.


(c) Any area where marijuana is grown, cured, or manufactured, or marijuana waste is destroyed, must have a camera placement in the room facing the primary entry door, and in adequate fixed positions, at a height which will provide a clear, unobstructed view of the regular activity without a sight blockage from lighting hoods, fixtures, or other equipment, allowing for the clear and certain identification of any person and activity in the area at all times.


(d) Surveillance recording equipment and video surveillance records must be housed in a locked and secure area or in a lock box, cabinet, closet or other secure area that is accessible only to a marijuana establishment licensee or authorized employee, and to law enforcement personnel including an agent of the board. A marijuana establishment may use an offsite monitoring service and offsite storage of video surveillance records as long as security requirements at the offsite facility are at least as strict as onsite security requirements as described in this section.


(e) Each surveillance recording must be preserved for a minimum of 40 days, in a format that can be easily accessed for viewing. All recorded images must clearly and accurately display the time and date, and must be archived in a format that does not permit alteration of the recorded image, so that the images can readily be authenticated. After 40 days, a marijuana establishment may erase video recordings, unless the licensee knows or should know of any pending criminal, civil, or administrative investigation for which the video recording may contain relevant information.

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