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We're here to help grow your security camera installation business. The professional product, support, and service of Arcdyn means you have less service calls and happier customers. We directly sell to you and we directly support you, which means you're getting distributor level pricing with enterprise level support in addition to these other FREE benefits!

  • Increase Profits - Wholesale Pricing
  • Get More Customers - Web Marketing Support
  • Win More Jobs - QuickBid Platform
  • Price Protection - Custom Branding and Exclusive Products
  • Plus: Free Shipping, Free system Design, Free Tech Support, 3 Year Warranty, Advanced RMA

We're American Owned and put our customers first. Join the Arcdyn family today!

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Arcdyn's QuickBid Platform:

Introducing Arcdyn's custom bidding platform that will save you a ton of time and money when estimating a potential client’s security camera system.

Most of us hate the bidding and quoting process. It takes forever and can be a huge pain. From trying to build a professional proposal for your customers to getting quotes and purchasing from suppliers. It always takes longer than you think and the supplier/installer relationship can be troublesome: Is your current sales rep consistenly unavailable? Are they always "on the phone," "at lunch," or "sick for the day," when you need access to a price sheet to accurately calculate your profit. Are you losing customers to other companies because they get them a proposal faster?

With Arcdyn's QuickBid system you can calculate profit automatically, send your customer a proposal, and request a quote from Arcdyn in just one click! No more tracking someone down or waiting for a quote to come back.

Process camera systems orders in a couple minutes and on your own time.

Integrated Into Your Website:

Arcdyn QuickBid Proposal Software


Free custom designed website that will bring you more business and allow for auto proposal creation!


Get custom branding on all your products. Grow brand awareness in your area.


With our competitive pricing you can win more bids and make more money

Other Free Arcdyn Services for our Security Technicians:

At Arcdyn Security, we value our industry professionals. As an installer of Arcdyn equipment, you gain access to special benefits and pricing.

3 year warranty: All of our equipment features a 3 year warranty. Since we only offer professional grade equipment we feel it should carry a professional-level warranty that you can stand behind as a service provider.

Tech Support: Not only do we offer one of the greatest warranties in the security camera industry, we also offer free tech support (to you) for the life of the product. You can be sure that when you need us, we will be there to answer your questions and help you finish the project you're working on. We never outsource our support. We only employ in-house technicians, so you always have access to expert advice and troubleshooting.

Free shipping on every order: We want you to maximize your earnings, and as your supplier of surveillance equipment, we feel that you shouldn't have to pay for shipping on orders. No more guessing games at the shopping cart, you only buy the product.

Free site design and camera layout map: Not sure what camera you need? Have a large job coming up and don't have time to do the design? You can count on us delivering these project milestones for you. With free site design and a coverage map, you can provide your clients with straight forward documentation of what they need/want. Best of all, this is all free and a service we offer for our dedicated professionals.

Advanced replacement RMA: Arcdyn offers advance replacements on all cameras and recorders. In the event of equipment failure, one our technicians will work with you to isolate and identify the problem. If the issue is with our equipment, we will send out a replacement that day in effort to keep your client and you happy. Our advance replacement program also covers the shipping of the defective equipment back to our warehouse for further troubleshooting.

Installer Only Products: Get access to products that only you can sell to customers. Just login to your installer account and you'll see extra categories and products.

Free product branding: Include your logo and contact info on product labels and NVR interface.

Customer dashboard: For easy order lookup and shipment tracking.

Wholesale Security Camera Systems

For more information on Arcdyn’s products for installers, review our wholesale IP cameras and surveillance systems.

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